755A Nema 23編碼器

型 號:755A Nema 23編碼器
價 格:0元
Standard NEMA Mounting
Up to 3,0000 Cycles Per Revolution
High Temperature Option

The Model 755A NEMA Mount Accu-Coder whit it’s integral shaft coupling, mounts directly onto NEMA motors. It is designed for easy installation on industrial size 23 or 34 motor frames. It features standard bolt circle patterns, and can accommodate shaft sizes of 0.250”, 0.375”, or 6 mm. With its rugged all metal housing , and a wide range of CPR options, it will fit in many different applications, providing years of trouble free use.

Common Applications
Robotics, Assembly Machines, Motor-Mounted Feedback, Phototypesetters, Printers & Digital Plotters, Elevator Controls, Medical Diagnostic Equipment


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